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Phone and broadband help

Change Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID)

1. Open a web browser.

2. Type into the address bar and press Enter on the keyboard to access the routerʼs settings.

3. When you have Signed in (see the Topic “Log into the Router Management Interface”), click Wireless.

4. Click the desired Access Point (e.g. 2.4GHz SSE Broadband XXXXXX).

5. Click in the SSID name (Network Name) field.

6. Enter your desired name for the SSID (Network Name).

7. Click Save.

8. You will also need to change the name of the other Access Point (E.g. 5GHz), repeat the above steps to update the 5GHz Access Point and save.

9. You will now need to re-connect to the network with its new name.

All usernames and passwords for this network will remain the same as before the SSID (Network name) change.