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  • 1. Open a web browser.
  • 2. Type into the address bar and press Enter on the keyboard to access the routerʼs settings.
  • 3. When you have Signed in (see the Topic “Log into the Router Management Interface”), click WAN Services.
  • 4. Click Add new port mapping.
  • 5. In the Name text field enter a name for your new port. E.g. MYIPCAM.
    The name can be anything you like, for this example we have chosen to use an IP Web Camera, so have used the name MYIPCAM.
  • 6. Choose a Protocol type from the dropdown menu, e.g. TCP/UDP.
    If you are unsure which protocol is needed choose the TCP/UDP option to cover any requirements.
  • 7. In the WAN Port field enter a listening port number E.g. 80.
  • 8. In the LAN Port field enter a port number E.g. 80.
  • 9. Click the Add port forwarding button to save these details.