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  • 1. Open a web browser.
  • 2. Type into the address bar and press Enter on the keyboard to access the routerʼs settings.
  • 3. When you have Signed in (see the Topic “Log into the Router Management Interface”), click Wireless.
  • 4. Click on the desired Access Point (e.g 2.4 GHz SSE Broadband XXXXXX).
  • 5. Click the Channel drop down menu.
  • 6. Select the desired channel number from the drop down menu. (E.g. 6)
  • 7. Click Save to save your changes.
  • 8. You may also want to change the channel of the other Access Point (E.g. 5 GHz), repeat the above steps to update the 5GHz Access Point Wi-Fi channel and save.
  • 9. You will now need to re-connect to the network.
    All usernames and passwords for this network will remain the same as before the channel change.